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PARAGON will review your project to ensure that a design is buildable while also cost-effective, biddable, and maintainable, with the goal of reducing overruns and delays.  For the purpose of objective results, this service is conducted separate from and independent of the design team. The scope of this Constructability Review is to be flexible to suit the individual project requirements. This will include a review of contract documents to identify errors, omissions and conflicts in plans, specifications, quantities, work items/activities, operational constraints and appropriate basis of payment. The best tool available for achieving desired results for our clients is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. Our team members are experienced in managing the assembly and analyzing the data necessary to create a BIM model of your specific project. From complex acute care hospitals with a myriad of support systems to the structural challenges of unusual architectural designs, BIM will identify potential issues prior to any construction providing a faster and lower cost solution to your project.