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Multi-prime Contracting
A fast track option for certain types of projects is multi-prime contracting, in which the owner holds separate contracts with the required subcontractors.  One advantage of this delivery system is it allows our Client to have more control over the project schedule, since the Client sets the timeline for bidding individual portions of the work. Using this approach, PARAGON manages the overall schedule and budget. Work in each construction discipline is bid separately, allowing the flexibility of awarding construction contracts on the first portions of the project as soon as the respective aspect of design is completed.  This fast-track approach can be a highly desirable option when time of performance is critical. Another advantage of this system is that the Client has the potential to realize savings by directly procuring major material items, such as structural steel or major mechanical equipment, and avoiding contractor mark-ups. The multi-prime option is a great option for certain applications. Contact PARAGON to discuss whether you project would qualify for this approach.
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